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Arcomage Tribute is a fantasy tabletop card-game, involving two players, where each one has a deck of cards.
Each player holds a tower and a wall, which they can upgrade or attack using cards. There are also three different
resources: beasts, bricks and gems. Each resource is needed for a specific type of cards and increases every round, depending on a modifier.

The goal is either to achieve a specific limit of resources, tower or wall or to completely destroy the opponent’s wall and tower.

This game is being developed as a fan-made Tribute to the Arcomage Mini-Games as seen in the Might & Magic Series © by Ubisoft (3DO/NWC).
The project attempts to recreate the original game experience based on a framework-like architecture for fast and easy integration of extensions and additional content.



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The source code is available here:

Download Latest Pre-Compiled Binaries:

The precompiled binaries are combined with all necessary data files, a default deck to play (the original MM7 Arcomage Deck) and special libraries DLL-files.
You may still need to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package. To play, just unpack the ZIP archive and start Arcomage.exe.

Please keep in mind: The game is still in early alpha state, it does basically work – but there are important features missing/incomplete!


Please report any bugs/feature requests via:
  • E-Mail: xography[##]